Lost data

Just downloaded the new version and much of my research data is now blank. Furthermore, there are no snapshots. This is not a good day.

Much depends on where you store Scrivener projects
And how you install the new version over the old one.
Here’s what I just did:
Download and expand 1.5.1
Create a new folder for it within Applications.
Trash the old 1.5.0 folder.
In the 1.5.1 folder, run the Extras Installer.
Launch Scrivener from the 1.5.1 icon.
I think that last step is important.
The new version starts promptly, with my most recent project.
And the list of recent projects is all correct.

Can you find the last project file in which you were working?
Try launching that. And make sure that 1.5.1 is active.

Were you storing all of your information in the Tutorial folder by any chance? If so, whatever you do, don’t empty your Trash folder until we have gone through what may have happened.
All the best,

I was actually storing it on my iDisk so it would be accessible on both my computers. I found an old snapshot that has most of the things coming up blank now and can transfer them but I don’t have confidence that will work. Also not happy with the lost time. Some of the newer web pages and text fragments are okay; the older ones come up completely blank.

When storing any copy of a project, make sure the copy is in ZIP format.
Whether stored on iDisk, another hard drive, or a flash drive.
Each project is a “package” of many files.
They copy best when in the ZIP compressed form.
File: Backup Project To… also creates ZIP copies, with date/time stamps.

Didn’t know that. Anyway I can get the material back without doing it one by one by hand?

If you are running Time Machine, you can find your last Scrivener session before installing 1.5.1 and recover all from that previous version.

Or what about the History section of your browser? You might be able to find the URLs there.

I can’t provide much help on lost Web links. I store all my research data in either DevonNote or DevonThink Pro and mainly use Scrivener for outlining and drafting.

Keith will doubtless have better suggestions. It’s now early evening in the UK.

I’ll see what he says, but I do appreciate your help. I’m in the middle of a large magazine piece and while it is not a crisis yet, it is an inconvenience, and I am almost helpless without Scrivener these days. I’m even teaching my class how I use it. Thanks again.

Could you give me an exact step-by-step, blow-by-blow account of all the things you did leading up to, during, and just after realising the data had been lost. Also, did your iDisk get ejected at any point? (I generally wouldn’t recommend storing everything on iDisk but just keeping a copy there.)

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I saw there was an update on Macintouch, opened Scrivener and answered yes when it asked if I wanted to download the update. When it was done I just opened the project. I think I wrote some in the draft section and then tried to open some of the items in research and found them to be blank. The icons are still there and the titles are in the synopsis, but the pages are blank and the words are zero. I think that’s all. The data also is missing on my laptop version saved yesterday and probably (but not definitely) synced today. The laptop Scrivener has not been updated. That help?