Lost document on ipad

I have lost a document on my ipad. The document is still there, but when I click it, nothing comes up. I was just working on it last night. Everything else is still there. It has an empty square box next to it if that means anything. Please help!!

Sorry to hear that, Mimi.

Doesn’t help you, but it’s not something that normally would ever happen. One thing you could try is to do a restart on your iPad. Here’s Apple’s tips on how to do it, according to which kind of iPad you have:


The reason I suggest it is that sometimes Dropbox can get a little reluctant, though interestingly I’ve never seen this affect Scrivener, so I think they correct for it, but it’s worth a try.

Not sure also what you mean about the square. Does the project itself open, and the square show for a document inside the project?

When they see this item, Support may be able to suggest how you could get the project to them, as the content may well still be there even if you are unsuccessful in recovering it…

fixed the link so it will work…don’t put spaces on line before links!

(yes, we know why)