lost documents!!

I just lost a bunch of chapters within a folder!! And no, it´s not a backup thing, I don´t use drop box or anything and it is not like an older version replaced my latest version. Half of the manuscript simply disappeared! I MIGHT have accidentally deleted it somehow but then it should be in the trash folder right?? :frowning:

Okay, the first thing to do whenever you encounter a problem of this magnitude is to freeze your current set of automatic backups. By default Scrivener will create a full backup of your project each time you close it, retaining the last five versions of your project. Go through that folder and select everything that looks related to your book (if you are unsure you could just select all of them). Now hold down the Option key, and drag these to a convenient working location, like the Desktop. If there are dozens, you may want to make a folder for them first to keep things orderly. We won’t use those yet (hopefully there will be no need to), but we want to set aside the backups so that you can load and close projects without causing the originals to drop off the list of five. (You could also just disable automatic backups temporarily, but when something awful is happening, I just like to have all kinds of copies of what I have, just in case.)

I’m assuming that since you checked the Trash, not only is the text missing but the items themselves from the Binder? If so that does sound suspiciously like an older version of the project. I would first use the File/Find All Projects in Spotlight menu command. This will open a Finder search window that you can peruse, looking for potential divergent copies of the project. It could be you used File/Save As… at some point, and ended up forking the project, and now you’re looking at the older version from before that point in time. If you locate a more recent version of the project with the material in it, then you’re okay! Just Cmd-doubleclick on it and the one with the missing chapters. This will open two different Finder windows with these projects selected so you can see where they are. This way you can discard the older copy so that it doesn’t cause confusion in the future.

If you do not find anything hopeful on your drive in the search, then you’ll want to start going through those backups you set aside earlier. The user manual has instructions on how to locate and restore backups, in §7.8.4 (pg. 67–9). Let us know how it goes!

Thank you so much Amber for your reply!! I´m not able to move the backup files (they´re grey?) but I stopped the automatic backup. The last backup is however more than a week old (I know, keep forgetting to close things down and I hate myself for it…)
However, it is the first part of the book that disappeared so it can´t really be an older version of the file since in that case there shouldn´t be a second part either I reccon…?

I found an old version of the file through “Find all projects in spotlight” as you suggested. The thing is that when I clicked on the already open, latest and “distorted” version of it, a list of key words came up, including those from the absent chapters!! would so much like to think that this means they are not completely lost but hidden somewhere I just havn´t looked yet!

I am now the happiest woman alive - feel slightly stupid too, but I can live with that! :smiley: Found the files somehow hidden in the trash folder although I had looked through it severeal times. Everything (three folders and their contents) were “hidden” under one single document…