Lost edits and chapters in a copy I created


I recently got a new Macbook and one of the first things I did was download Scrivener. By signing into my account, I was able to access my projects that lived on my other MacBook. Greedy to edit one of my projects two weeks ago, I went to open on my new Macbook and it told me the project was still open on my old Macbook, and asked if I wanted to make a copy. So I made a copy, and I believe that’s what I’ve been writing and editing in. I have since shut my computer down a few times and therefore closed out Scrivener and when I went to open my project today, I only saw the main version, not a copy, and my edits and new chapters weren’t there. I did spotlight search for all projects and nothing came up either. So where is this copy with edits? I’ve checked my trash as well and done a bit of digging in folders per advice I’ve seen from others on here. I’m currently at a loss.

Have you tried opening from the recent projects list?

Was the copy of the exact same name as the original?

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  1. The first noted phrase suggests you have your project on your iCloud Drive.

  2. For the second noted phrase the question is “only saw” where? Where were you looking that you only saw the one thing. The Recents Menu? A window in the Finder? Or what? When looking in this way before were you ever seeing two projects listed?

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Omg I didn’t check icloud drive and now I’ve found it. Thank you so much!


And now I think would be a good time for you to check the manual on how to set automatic backups. :wink:
Losing a project is never fun. Better safe than sorry.
Glad you could recover your work.