Lost edits

Has anyone ever randomly lost work? I lost about an hour’s worth of editing today. It’s weird because nothing signalled it was lost. I think what happened was that I was trying to undo something I had just written but “undo” was greyed out. Next thing I know a bunch of paragraphs were back to their earlier version. I have backups but they are from yesterday. It’s not a huge deal (only an hour’s work) but I’m afraid of it happening again. Any idea what I did or how to prevent this from happening again?

I saw something similar with Scrivener version 2.3.1. I run Scrivener for days (weeks even, possibly months) with the same projects open in scrivenings mode. There were times with that version when edits were lost. It seemed to be that the auto-save system couldn’t cope with my usage style. However, the problem was fixed in a later upgrade (2.4 or 2.5). It no longer occurs.

Hmm I was in scrivenings mode. I should update - that’s a good idea! I think I’m on 2.3

Yes, definitely update. Version 2.4 (and newer) fixes a very serious data loss bug.

I’m not sure the bug applies to your specific situation, though. It’s hard to say what might have happened, but the Edit -> Redo command can be useful in recovering from an overly exuberant Undo.

Also, file operations (Split, Move, New, etc.) are not undoable. I ran into a situation the other week where the user was (we think) inadvertently creating new documents using the keyboard shortcuts, which resulted in the editor window switching to the new document and his current work “disappearing.” Everything was still safe and sound in the Binder, once he knew to look for it.