Lost everything in synopsis window

After writing a long synopsis, I hit enter to drop down another line and lost everything I had written. The synopsis for another scene replaced it. I then hit Ctrl -Z, even though undo was grayed out on the edit window, but I could not restore the accidentally deleted material. Alas, I also cannot replicate it now that I have nothing to lose :neutral_face:

Anyway, just thought you might want to know about this. Losing a half hour of work (I did save earlier, but can’t locate the saved synopsis) will not make me FOND of this program if it happens repeatedly.

This isn’t meant to trivialise the behaviour you experienced, but just a note to say: it’s generally not a good idea to write for half an hour in an index card—that isn’t what they are designed for. They are designed for short summaries of the document they represent. They can of course be used for all manner of things, but that is what they were designed for. Using them to sit down and write a chapter is risky. You lose auto-save because whenever you are typing in a card the application kind of goes on “hold” until you commit the changes.

It might be that you simply added way too much info to a single line. I’m not sure what the memory limitations are, but if you actually typed for half an hour without making a single paragraph, thats a massive amount of text on a single line. The memory allocation might have just overran. Weird things like bits of storage from other components overlapping is a possible symptom of that.

Anyway, feel free to use index cards however you please, just be aware that what you are doing exposes yourself to data loss risk since the application cannot auto-save your work while you have an index card open. Ordinarily this isn’t a problem because the worst case scenario is that someone might lose three words.

Thanks. That’s really helpful. I am now writing everything in the main window and will copy the relevant bits to the synopsis. I got carried away :exclamation:

But I don’t understand why the synopsis for another chapter popped up to replace this one - even changing the title in the inspector window, while the main window remained in the correct chapter.

Yeah, I’m not actually sure, but if my speculations are right, it’s a rather technical thing. Just to clarify though, you were typing in the inspector this whole time, right? Not the corkboard? That probably won’t make a difference, but every detail helps in tracking a bug. Anything else you can think of.

I have no idea if this could be related, since it was on the Mac 2.0 version, but I did get the weird jumping-synopsis syndrome in corkboard a while ago: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9696&start=0&hilit=corkboard

Good point: make sure you are upgraded to the latest release (2.0.2). A number of bug fixes have been implemented since then 2.0.