Lost file contents in split screen mode

Hey, I checked the forum and didn’t see this listed. I just bought a new computer and purchased a second license for it (win 10, 64 bit.) While I was working in split screen mode (two different scenes) I suddenly got a black screen that may have been unrelated to Scrivener. (I had a couple of other programs running concurrently so who knows?) I wasn’t worried because I had been working with these files a couple days so I had earlier versions saved, plus auto save every few seconds enabled. Unfortunately after I rebooted and opened my project, one file was fine but all the text in the other file was gone in both the working and backup file. I had the backup set to save as a zip. I have since changed that to just a regular save. I don’t know if that makes a difference but I wanted to give you as much info as I could. I’ve been using the 32 bit version of Scrivener for years and never had a problem before.

Regards Candace

Just found this thread… it maybe helpful.

Figured out how to find lost text using auto-saved files for Windows version.

Binder documents are saved as numbered RTF files in project folder/files/Docs

After determining which RTF file corresponded to the one with the missing text, in Windows File Explorer, I searched This PC for all files with names corresponding to the outdated one in the Scrivener project’s docs folder….