Lost Folder Contents

I updated to Version 3.1.1 (running on Sierra) a few days back and all of a sudden I have lost folder contents. That is to say, the binder looks normal and shows the individual files (scenes) within a chapter which open fine but click on the chapter folder itself or the manuscript folder and they appear to be empty. Is there some incompatibility between 3.1.1 and Sierra? What can I do?

I returned to the previous version 3.0.3 but the problem was still there so it isn’t apparently a bug in the new version.

Trying the obvious first: what happens when you click on the folder and then hit cmd-1 ?

Cmd-1 will toggle the editor between ‘single document mode’(you only see what it’s in the Folder document itself) and ‘scrivenings mode’ (you see the text from all the subdocuments as well).

As most folders don’t have any text attached (it’s all in the subdocuments), then single document mode can look empty. Cmd-1 should rectify this.

There may be another problem of course, but from your description, this is the first thing I’d check. Hope it helps.

Great! That fixed it. I wasn’t aware of Cmd-1. Maybe I need to read the manual. Thanks. In the middle of editing the final draft of a novel so that was a bit frightening.

Glad it helped!

I wouldn’t read the manual at this point (it’s for dipping into, rather than reading), but if you can spare an hour to skim through the interactive tutorial (on the Help menu), then I think you’ll find it really useful. No need to study it in depth how, but even a cursory look through will point out to you features which will help and which you can spend more time on when you’ve got a chance.

This is triply true if you haven’t started the Compilation process yet! You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you read the section in the Tutorial on the thinking behind compilation first.

Good luck with the novel…

Thanks for the advice! I’ll check that out.