lost footnotes

I have recently downloaded the trial version of Scrivener for mac (for my macbook at home and in the library) and for windows (for my office computer). My plan is to use Dropbox to sync projects between the two machines.

Here is my problem. I created a “practice project” on my mac by importing a fairly large draft that I had already started in Mellel (about 40 pages, lots of footnotes) plus several PDFs and other research documents. The project works fine on my Mac: I tinkered with the draft some, added a few footnotes and annotations, etc. I then moved the project into Dropbox. When I tried to open the project on windows, I got the “incompatible” error message. So, I went into the files, found the version.txt and typed in the magic “16.” OK, so now the project opens in windows, but the draft appears to contain none of the footnotes or annotations that I made. When I quit out of the windows version and open the project on my mac, everything appears to be in order.

What is going on? Why can’t I “see” the footnotes when I open my draft using the windows version?

Any help would be appreciated. I need to be sure that I can work with both versions and use Dropbox before I buy the two licenses.

Currently the Windows version doesn’t support inspector comments and footnotes the way the Mac version does, so you’ll need to convert your notes to inline on the Mac to make them appear properly on Windows. (This will get updated so that the notes will convert to inline when you open on Windows, but either way you’re better off just using inline the Mac version.) To do this, in the Mac version, load all the documents in a Scrivenings session and make sure the focus is in the editor, then click Format > Convert > Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes.

Thanks! I’ve converted from inspector notes to inline notes. When I work in the office in a couple of days, I’ll check to see if everything appears when I open the project on my windows machine.

OK, I opened the draft on Windows and everything is working fine. Thanks again.