Lost foreign characters

I write in Swedish, and when I upgraded to the new beta-version of Scrivener, the Swedish characters å, ä and ö (or if you cannot read this, a with a ring on top, a with two dots on top and o with two dots) were lost on the index cards. Instead there were small black squares with “?” in them, making it very hard to read.

First, is there any way I can change this back? If not, do you think the same thing will happen when I upgrade next time? In that case there is no point for me going through and correcting all index cards at this moment - I have better wait till I have the “real” version of Scrivener.

I also want to say that I am very happy I have found this excellent program!


This was a bug with earlier versions–the special characters weren’t saved properly in the synopsis .txt file. Unfortunately this means that there’s not a way to restore them since they weren’t ever really there in the first place, but the bug’s been fixed for 025 so you should only have to redo this once.

Thank you for your kind words about Scrivener!