Lost Format

I just did some writing in a project that has about 80,000 words. I added 1000+ words to an existing file of about 2500 words. What had been written in the file previously was automatically formatted with the indented first line. When I added new text this evening, I started from the very top of the page and what I added would not indent. I tried cutting and pasting it within the body of the older text, but it would not conform. I looked under format/text but couldn’t find where to correct the problem.

If you choose Format > Show Ruler, you can use this to adjust the indents for the selected paragraphs. Like most word processors, new text will pick up the formatting of the previous paragraph, but you’ll need to select and modify formatting for existing paragraphs.

To change the default formatting, go to the Editor tab of Tools > Options… and use the format bar and ruler to adjust the sample text. (The blue A button on the left of the format bar opens the font options.) Click OK to apply the changes and close the Options. Your new defaults will apply to all new documents you create (in any project); to change existing documents to match, select them in the binder (Ctrl- or Shift-click to select multiple) and then choose Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. That will convert all the text in the document, but it will give you some options for limiting the conversion so you’ll be able to preserve alignment, for instance, if you don’t want that effected. Character formatting like bold and italic are always preserved.

:smiley: Thank you.