Lost half my project

I was working in Scrivener when my cat stepped on my keyboard. Netbook froze and when I restarted Scrivener had reverted my project to a previous save from three weeks ago. My husband says this should not be possible. I say Magic Cat. I’ve tried restoring a backup file but all I get are error messages saying these files are not writable.

Did I really just lose 72,000 words?

Probably not! Unless you cat is more magical than most. It sounds to me as though you might be double-clicking on the .zip archive backup, and then trying to load the .scrivx directly from within the .zip file, and this will not work. It will produce the error you mention about not being able to load a read-only project. That’s a good thing, as you don’t want to edit backups directly anyway, otherwise they cease to be backups.

What you want to do is, after loading the .zip in a window, drag and drop the whole “my project.scriv” folder out to a convenient location for examination; Desktop is fine. Once it copies, load it from there, make sure it has your 72,000 words, and if it is good go ahead and replace the cat damaged one with the backup copy you restored to the desktop. Just trash the old one and move the restored copy into My Documents or wherever you work from. You might need to go back to the second or third oldest at this point. Since you opened the damaged project at least once, that means it got backed up in the latest slot in all likelihood. What I like to do is copy (not move) all five (or however many) .zip files out of the backup folder so I can experiment with them freely without worrying that the good one will slip off of the list.

As for what happened, I don’t know. I do agree that sounds unlikely. The cat might have hit Shift-Del on a bunch of sections and sent them all to the Trash, but it would be extremely difficult for kitty to also then activate the Project/Empty Trash menu command and confirm the warning box. :slight_smile:

You never know, though!