Lost images


I have just finished the first draft of my textbook (330 images!). I had to export it to Word to number them.

However, for several weeks I kept on finding lost images - certain documents had maybe half of the images replaced with grey rectangular smudges. I could not recover them without rebuilding the whole document.

Finally I discovered the problem. If I did ctrl-a and changed the font for the whole document, some of the images went ‘poof’! If I changed the text in sections between the images, but not through the images themselves, I was OK.

I had been worried that the whole book was crumbling in my hands, but now it is exported and OK. I am using version 1.9, but I believe it was a problem in earlier versions.

Many thanks - I wouldn’t have been able to write the book at all without Scrivener, but the image business is weak.

Chris Gold

Sorry for the late reply here. I did some testing and haven’t yet been able to reproduce the problem you experienced. Did you notice if this was particular to certain images? There was a case a while ago, which seemed to have been fixed in 1.9, where a certain image in a project was causing other images not to load or compile correctly, though that image itself appeared correctly. Resaving the image and replacing the corrupted one in Scrivener fixed the issue there. That’s clearly not exactly the problem you were having, but I’m wondering if it might have been triggered by one of the specific images in the project.

On the flip side, it might have been a memory issue–that sort of “not loading” image icon could appear if Scrivener just wasn’t able to display the image. I don’t see why changing the font would have caused images that already loaded not to display any longer, but I want to check into it. Roughly how many images were in the documents where this happened, and what was their approximate file size? Where these JPG or PNG?