Lost important data in update

I’ve lost a good portion of my novel. I did have it backed up, but I’m quite annoyed. It will take me a lot of time to copy and paste the chapters back onto Scrivener. I’ve lost confidence in your product. I’m not sure my files are safe. :frowning:

Are my files lost for good? Or is there some way to recover them without all the manual copy and pasting?

Couldn’t you open the backup and use that?

I mean specifically the automatic backups that Scrivener makes of your entire project every time you close it. If you don’t know where it’s saving them, go to Tools | Options | Backup and there’s a button there for Open Backup Folder.

If you’ve written something since, just open both projects side by side and drag and drop anything that’s missing. But remember it only keeps 5 copies of the backup by default, so if you’ve opened and closed your project many times recently it may no longer be there.

Could you specify what’s happened with the project? The projects are all completely separate from the program, so the update process doesn’t touch them at all. Is it possible you’re looking at an earlier version of the project? (This has happened plenty of times before, for instance users sometimes have used Save As to create a “backup” of the project, and then later accidentally open an older copy that doesn’t contain the more recent work.) Are you getting any kind of error message when opening the projects? More details would help sort out what happened and find a solution, although SarsenLintel’s recommendation to just restore from the most recent backup is probably the most direct.

Sorry it’s taken me awhile to check this. What happened was after the update, my files went back to a previous time and all the new chapters and updates to the earlier ones was lost. So, it defaulted to an earlier back up and deleted the current version. I don’t know how this happened, but to my knowledge I did nothing different.

The software hasn’t been working right since on my windows version of scrivener. I have Mac as well, and that seems to be working fine.

Now my scrivener on windows won’t open at all. It opens at 90% and then jumps back to 45% and gets hung. I’m upset at this because all my notes are on this version and not on the mac version. I keep them separate incase something like this happens.

I will post another thread.