lost italics in import from Word

Hi, as a complete newbie, I have imported my 23 chapters from word (both *.doc & *.docx formats) only to discover no italics at all. I have worked out that I can italicise new words, but not existing ones. Please help.


That might be an issue with the font—not all fonts support italics. Try selecting the text in Scrivener, changing the font, and then checking to see if italics work or not. The old text might be in one font, but the new words might be using a different font.

Alternatively, you could try exporting your Word file as RTF (which is native to Scrivener). Import a test RTF file into Scrivener to see if that gives you what you want.

EDIT: What font was used in Word? Something exotic? If yes, might be best to change that to a standard font (Helvetica, TNR) in Word before exporting to RTF… will help to make export and import as clean as possible.

Thanks again, Brian. Would exporting everything into RTF and then pasting each chapter into the current chapters work? I ask because I’ve just spent the whole afternoon pasting summaries into the synopses of each chapter.

I promise I’m a BriaR not a BriaN :smiley:

Worth a try with one sample chapter. Certainly don’t want to start again and redo everything.

I have never lost formatting when importing, so there must be a way for you to do what you want. A little trial and error will find a solution.

If you just open the Word file, copy the chapter, and paste into Scrivener, does it preserve the formatting? If the Word file uses a standard font, things shouldn’t be troublesome.

Just made a Word file. Added some text in different formats. Copied that text and pasted it into an existing Scrivener file. All the formatting carried over. This screenshot is from the text now in Scrivener.


Many, many thanks. You’ve helped no end. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Hope you have had some success.

Happy New Year.

Briar Kit

THANK YOU, Briar! You have saved me a lot of manual italicising… Would never have guessed that importing a document with Calibri font was the issue.