Lost label colours but setting is correct


I use Scrivener’s option to create colour labels for different sections, according to status, so that I can see progress at a glance and which sections are at which stage (e.g. WRITE, DRAFT, FINISH, REVIEW, REWRITE, FINAL etc.).

Recently however I seem to have lost the colours in the display, though, when I go and check the label settings they are correct.

Clearly I can still work, but it means adding text labels to the section title, in the sidebar, which is clumsy and less immediate.

Any suggestions?

Also, suddenly I find I have a frame around text in the standard viewing mode (binder, editor and inspector). This doesn’t appear either in the full screen composition or quick reference modes.

Many thanks.

PS The only change I know of to my system has been an update to El Capitan (10.11.3); I don’t know whether they are connected, but I have also lost the connection between applications and my Firefox browser since the update, so that clicking on a link in Apple Mail or scrivener opens the browser in my homepage (everyclick.com, the Charity fundraising search engine) but doesn’t go to the link until I go back and click on the link again (or open the browser before clicking on a link)… I mention it just in case it might help you identify the problem.

I did try to view Scrivener in the new El Capitan split screen mode, and I suspect that may have been the specific trigger (again, just trying to help with tracing the issue)

PPS Any progress on iOS?

Thank you Jeff for your response to my email enquiry.

For anyone who stumbles across this and has the same problem, Jeff’s instructions sorted the label issue out.

“…under “View > Use Label Colour In” to make sure that the appropriate options are selected”.

That was all that was needed, it had somehow been reset by… ? My guess: El Capitan upgrade, next possibility: using the new split screen facility in OSx 10.11

The Review colour issue was a red herring :laughing: (pun intended)

“As for revision colors, I’m not sure where you are expecting them to appear. Revision colors only appear in the text that was typed while you were in that revision mode. In other words, when you enable “First Revision,” any text you type will be red. But that color doesn’t show up anywhere else, so I’m not sure what you are looking for.”

The single button in HUD mode “That’s normal. It’s a limitation of that style of window.

And, finally, the text frame mysteriously disappeared, after a few times I suddenly noticed it wasn’t there anymore, so there too… No worries!

Excellent support!



An update on the lost label colours in Scrivener’s Binder.

Today I set out to evaluate Aeon Timeline and wanted to work with the two packages side by side, so I tried the new Split Window feature of El Capitan OSx 10.11.3, and bingo! My label colour have gone again.

Fortunately the project is out of the Draft stage now so labels are not that important, but I will report it as a bug,