Lost most of Table of Contents following upgrade

Installed latest release 1.5.2. Runs faster - Great.
Compiled for Kindle or epub, and most of my Table of Contents has disappeared:
All it gives me now is 4 entries:

Wheras in V 1.2 I had 35 entries in my TOC, covering Chapters and sections.
Any suggestions?


This might be related to another issue reported whereby page breaks are not inserted after between folders and files like they used to be. With e-books, this setting is used to create a section break in the book, which is in turn used to generate the content of the ToC. So both problems sound related.

Thanks AmberV
I just tried putting page breaks before each chapter nad Bingo! they are back in the TOC.

Are you suggesting that this is a bug that is likely to be fixed in the future, or should I anticipate the need to put page breaks whenever I need a TOC entry in future?

In fact, this is a hotfix that is going up on the servers as I type this. Thanks for the speedy catch!

I’ve tried putting page breaks/line breaks at the beginning and end of every document/subdocument but only the first top level document appears in the generated TOC when i publish to ePub.

Same thing happens when I make all documents the same level (i.e. all are top level) - only the first one appears in the generated TOC.

Is there any way to make all documents/subdocuments part of the TOC when compiled into an ePub?

Many thanks!