Lost my active word count...

Somehow I’ve done something to turn off my active word count at the bottom of a page. It only seems to affect one particular document I have. The color for that document is yellow instead of white in the binder.

Instead of the word/character count at the bottom of my document I see a blank area in the center where it normally is.

I have compared that document to the others that still have the word count and at the bottom right on the normal looking documents, I see a target. On the one where my word/character count has disappeared, it shows “General Text” and there is the option for changing that to things like “Scene Heading,” “Action,” “Character,” etc.

I’m sure it’s a setting somewhere, but I’ve been searching forever and can’t find it. I’ve searched the forums here and the Internet with no luck.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


You have entered scriptwriting mode on the miscreant file.

CMD 8 will take you back to standard text mode.


Briar Kit

A thousand blessings be upon your house, sir.

I knew someone here would know.

Thank you!!!

My house is now feeling very happy.


Briar Kit

Had the same issue and resolved it with your advice, here.

Thanks, also!