Lost My Compile Formatting Settings

Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021

I just compiled a “Collection”, an excerpt, to send to someone and when I tried to go back to my normal settings they were gone. Not just talking about PDF versus EPUB-- they were complete compile settings that I had laboriously spent lots of time setting up and named. They’re just not there anymore. I’ve switched back and forth between PDF and EPUB a lot. This is the first time it’s happened.


Available formats depend on the target file type. Check the screenshots. The last shows that you have some control of it.

What you have highlighted is exactly what I’ve lost. I had a number of formats I designed and named, just like that. Usually I switch to a different style (say, PDF) and switch back (to EPUB) and they’re there waiting for me-- but now they’re gone. They were there earlier-- I compiled a quick excerpt in PDF and when I went back… POOF

NEVERMIND – They just showed back up-- equally mysteriously.

That was weird.

Check “supported file types” for each format.

Thanks for the suggestion. I went back to the PDF setting and then switched back to EPUB and they were there. Not sure what it was. I looked at both EPUB2 and EPUB3, but they were missing. I got a compile with all my parts, but no chapters or scenes. Now they’re all there, present and accounted for. I have no idea what happened or why-- was weird, but I have a book to write :slight_smile:

Weird! Sounds like some kind of display glitch, maybe restarting the software at some point fixed it?

For future reference, if you run into something like that again, you can locate your project in Explore, and drill down into the ‘Settings/Compile Formats’ subfolder, where you should find all of your presets that are saved into this project. That should at least reassure you that they are there, even if there is some bug making it so you can’t see them.

And that is of course how you could easily back them up if you wanted to (you can also export one by one from the Formats sidebar).

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Yes-- that’s kind of where I started freaking out. I did a quick (though not extensive) look in the directory and didn’t know what to look for-- and I didn’t want to mess anything up by futzing with it-- so I hollered for help :slight_smile: