Lost my content

I caused this somehow, maybe by saving to cloud storage, maybe by opening files in Scrivener for Windows beta, who knows? The point is, some of my saved projects open with text intact and some don’t. The ones that don’t will open with chapter and document titles nicely in place but no content inside the documents. The file sizes are still large–1.7MB, for example–in Get Info, so I suspect the text is in there somewhere, but invisible.

Any ideas?


No, not unless you tell us what you did. In detail. Not the result but what happened before, step by step,

Unfortunately I did several things, and I’m not sure of the order of them. I uploaded files to OneDrive, DropBox, and my desktop external hard drive. (I messed around with Scrivener 3 beta for Windows, but only on a couple of files, so I doubt that has any relevance.) The files in OneDrive and DropBox seem stuck there. When I try to download them I can’t open them. But of the ones on my hard drive, some show content and some don’t. And there appears to be a pattern: files that lack text open directly, although some that do have text also open directly; those that ask if I want to update to the latest version, and go through the steps to do that, seem to consistently open containing text.

I appreciate your wanting to know what I did, but I don’t think that would help solve the problem. If someone has experienced this situation before and has a solution, that would be great. I’ve sent a note to L&L tech support as well.


A Scrivener project looks like a file on a Mac but is in reality a folder, called a “package” (a folder looking like a file in Finder). Windows doesn’t have packages so on a PC you will see the complete folder structure, with the .scriv folder and all of its content being the whole project. If you do something to the project on a PC other than just opening it in Scrivener, you may destroy the project. Copying it to OneDrive is a really bad idea because OneDrive doesn’t update things in the way Dropbox does and is known to sometimes corrupt projects.
What do you mean with “uploaded files to OneDrive, Dropbox and my desktop external har drive”? Uploaded how, and exactly what did you upload?