Lost my full screen control panel

Hello. My control panel doesn’t appear in full screen mode anymore, when I move my cursor to the bottom of the screen. I see it for a few seconds when I enter full screen mode but then it disappears and doesn’t come back. Any idea what could be stopping it from appearing when I move the cursor down to the bottom? The top menu works fine. Thanks

I cannot directly help you with your problem, but you might be getting some console error messages that would be helpful. Load up Console.app (located in Applications/Utilities), and then go into Full Screen in Scrivener and try to get the bottom HUD to show up. Then go back to Console.app and if you have any messages (each message has a timestamp, which can be helpful when you know you just did something) from Scrivener, paste them here.

I tried that but nothing showed up in console.log or scrivener.crash.log when i tried and failed to access the full screen control panel, i’m afraid.

Okay, well it was worth a try! Keith should be back pretty soon from vacation, so hopefully you can get it sorted out sooner than later.

Have you got a dual screen set up or anything special? Anything else installed that may be affecting it? I’m afraid that this is a little difficult to diagnose without more information…
All the best,

No dual screen set up. It’s an ordinary installation as far as I can tell. What else can I tell you?

To be honest, I’m at a bit of a loss. Is this the case for all projects, or just one particular project? To ask a really dumb question, you are keeping the mouse at the bottom of the screen for a second or two, aren’t you?

Yep, definitely holding it down there for a while. Happens in all projects. Tried restarting and doing it with no other applications open.

I notice there is a 10px (approx) gap between the bottom of the document and the bottom of the screen. In that gap the cursor changes from the vertical text-input line into an ordinary Mac arrow. Is this gap normal? Perhaps some other application is interfering and this gap is stopping me from registering the mouse near the bottom?

That gap is normal… What system are you using? What size screen? The control panel gets triggered when the mouse is in the bottom pixel of the screen - is there anything that could be preventing the mouse from reaching that bottom pixel?


I’m on a 12" Powerbook. I’m struggling to think what could be stopping the mouse reaching the bottom. I do notice that when I’m not in full screen, the cursor goes right to the bottom with only maybe 1 or 2 pixels of the tip of the cursor showing. However in full screen with the mouse in the same position, I can see 3-4 pixels.

Thinking about it, that does seem to be the crux of the problem. In full screen mode only, the cursor cannot reach the very bottom of the screen.