Lost my old Scrivener files

I recently upgradeded to Scrivener 3 and I can’t seem to find my files from the older version. I had used Scrivener really for one project previously and I always opened it using the files> recent prjoects. When I open Scrivener now, that previous project is not listed as a reent project and I cannot seem to find it on my Mac. New projects I start with Scrivener 3 seem to be default saved to documents folder, but the old projects are not there. I am not sure if that is where they saved previously. When I search in finder under the name of the old project, it does not appear. Thanks!

Sorry for the confusion, but that is how Apple’s Recent Files system works: these lists are saved for software specifically, and are not accessible to other programs. Even though version 3 has the same name as version 2, it’s fundamentally a different program and has no access to that list.

I know you mentioned a search in Finder didn’t work, but have you tried the File ▸ Find All Projects in Spotlight menu command, from Scrivener? But maybe our search will be broader than what you tried—it should find all of your newer projects too.

Otherwise you could always download version 2, run it, and hope that your configuration files are still intact (they should be unless you run cleaning utilities on a regular basis). If all goes well it should be in that Recent menu, and once you get it loaded you can figure out where it is stored by Command-clicking on the main window title (up by the traffic light buttons).