Lost or Hidden Blue Folder

Hi there
Please help … before I PANIC!

I seem to have lost a set of scenes which are in a folder, ie chapter. I cannot see this in the binder despite opening and closing every folder, yet if I search for certain keywords in that folder I can find it.

How does one find the trail … ie path where a blue folder sits in the binder?

Again, I have not lost it per say, but I cannot SEE it anywhere in the binder so it seems to be hidden somewhere - but I cannot find a way to trace the path when I find the folder via the keyword search.

I hope all this makes sense, I have been using Scrivener for a while but by no means a seasoned user. Still much to learn!

Thanks in advance

At the top-left of the editor window there is an icon in the shape of a page of text with a down arrow. Click on that and choose ‘Reveal in Binder’ when you are in one of the text documents that has a search keyword. The other options also reveal the path.

Have you, by any chance, accidentally moved it into “Trash”? Search will still find files and folders in the Trash, and they can me moved out again.

Just a thought.



Thanks Mark, I looked in trash first but it wasn’t there. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Hi Tom
Thank you, found it with this advice. I have saved it in case I get lost in the woods again!

Glad you found it!

I have a folder called ‘Scrivener Stuff’ that contains a bunch of text files, each one a tip about how to do something or find it in the menus. I add that folder to all my projects, down below the Manuscript.

If you open two (or more) projects at a time and re-size the windows so they sit side-by-side on the desktop, you can drag folders and files from one Binder to the other. I try to keep a master template updated this way so my tips folder and story-world stuff is easy to carry over to new projects.

Great idea, thank you Tom. I just started that now with this new advice. I also re-opened the scriv tutorial so I can keep that updated as well.