lost part of tutorial. Can't seem to get it back.


I am a technologically challenged new user of Scrivener. While going through the tutorial, I somehow lost steps 3 and 4. I don’t know how to get files out of trash (incase they are hiding there) and I have no other ideas on how to retrieve those two steps.

Please help.


The trash folder is basically just a regular folder in the outline. It has a few restrictions placed upon it, but for this purpose, you can get things in and out of it like you would any other pieces of the outline. Simply click on the trash in the binder and you should see its contents on the corkboard in the main editor. Drag and drop steps 3 & 4 back into the Part 1 folder where they belong.

Incidentally, you might have hit Cmd-delete in the Binder. That’s the shortcut to move things to the Trash.