Lost power - lost file

Hi - I lost power this morning, I live in Albania and it happens frequently here, but this is the first time I ever lost an entire file, equaling yesterday’s and today’s work. I looked all through the files thinking they were misplaced or hiding somewhere, but after 30 minutes I began rewriting my work. It could have been because the power flickered went off, came back on and then went off. This probably shutdown the Dropbox connection, I was at my desk not my laptop I use when out and about.
I am not a computer wiz so if this involves writing in HTML or code, I leave that sort of thing to others better suited to that work. Not complaining, just thought it was worth mentioning - maybe there is something to help do a autosave at a powerloss.
Overall I don’t use all of Scrivener’s features now, but I only have one book experience with it. I plan on having many more. This is a great program, thanks!

Scrivener does automatic saves whenever you stop writing for few seconds. This time limit is set to only a few seconds as default, so unless you changed something in your settings everything should be just fine. And this has nothing to do with Dropbox. The project is stored on your local HD and all the dropbox app does is to upload (copy) any changed file every now and then (as soon as you stop writing and Scrivener saves the document).

I have had occasional power losses but never lost anything. So, did you change the time for the automatic save?

As Lunk mentioned, Scrivener does automatic saves, so it is possible that your writing still exists in RTF files in your Scrivener project folders. But depending on what happened, due to the power failure, your main Scrivener index may have been corrupted and “disconnected” from those files.

Take a look at the manual, Appendix G. That will tell you the folder where your writing is actually stored, within your project folder. Look through the .rtf files and see if you can find your missing work. If you do find your writing, probably one approach to recover it is to copy the text from the rtf file into a new Scrivener doc in your project.

Another thing I wanted to mention, is that it appears you are leaving your Scrivener session up for days at a time. That is most definitely not best practice, as Scrivener by default is set to take a backup of your project when you close it. If you had closed Scrivener at the end of your session yesterday, then at least that work would have been safely backed up when you had your power failure. So please get into the habit of shutting down Scrivener, at least on a daily basis. Have a look at section 7.11 “Backing Up Your Work” and Appendix B9 “Backup” and B12 “Saving” in the Scrivener manual. With Scrivener, “Backup” and “Saving” are completely different things. You really should understand how Scrivener works so you can best leverage the built-in backup process, particularly if you expect more power failures!

Hope that helps,

Figured out how to find lost text using auto-saved files for Windows version.

Binder documents are saved as numbered RTF files in project folder/files/Docs

After determining which RTF file corresponded to the one with the missing text, in Windows File Explorer, I searched This PC for all files with names corresponding to the outdated one in the Scrivener project’s docs folder….