Lost project/document

I have searched my entire computer and all my zip drives for a project I created with the beta version for windows 2 years ago. I let the trial lapse and then recently bought the program. Is there any hope of resurrecting the project from the depths without ransacking my house for a paper copy?? Thanks! Cheryl

What you are looking for is a folder that ends in “.scriv”. So if you’re using Windows 7, you can hit Win-F, type in “.scriv” and search for that. It may help to narrow things down to “File Folder” using the Type column in Windows Explorer.

Thanks, I have done that on both my hard drive and all zips. I also checked RTF files and even tried a search by date and title. I think it’s gone. Thanks for trying to help!

Do you keep old copies of system backups? You might be able to find it there, if your backups go back far enough. Or any chance you’d have saved it to a thumb drive or such and never wiped it?

Also take a look in your user AppData folder. That’s hidden by default, so depending on your search settings it might have been ignored. That’s where your automatic backups would have been saved, so you might have the last project backup still there. I’m pretty sure this location has stayed the same since the early beta days, so you shoudl be able to access this area easily by opening Scrivener, then going to Tools > Options, opening the Backup tab, and then clicking the button there to go to the backup folder. If you don’t see them there, click around a little in the file browser that opens to go back a folder or two, or search again for the project name (ignore the .scriv ending since it may not use that, depending on the backup type) specifically within the AppData folder (or Application Data if you’re on XP).