Lost Scratchpad--and it doesn't back up.

I posted this problem in the Tech Support forum but got no response. And now I think this must be a bug.

It seems that Scrivener does not back up Scratchpad. I was trying to increase the size of the scratchpad text font and entered ctl+=, and the entire scratchpad text disappeared. “Undo” did not bring it back. Tried closing and reopening it. No help.

As I have several recent backups, I tried searching through one of them, reading all the small RTF files with Word, but could not find any version of my Scratchpad. And the version of Scratchpad I finally found within my Local settings/application data folder contained only the “=” sign that was put there when the text vanished.

I don’t want to roll back the whole project to a backup because other parts of the project, worked on before the glitch, have not yet been backed up, and I don’t want to abandon that new work. Besides, I now suspect that Scratchpad resides outside of Scrivener and that the “=” sign version of it is what I would get even if I did roll back.

I hope I am wrong and that my missing text is hidden somewhere in the backups, and that some genius will come to my rescue and tell me where it is. But if not, I think this is a serious flaw. If scratchpad is part of Scrivener, it should be backed up with all the other files; if not, it should not be subject to Scrivener’s automatic 3-second save–and its vulnerability should be noted somewhere in the manual.

And finally, why did the text disappear in the first place?

I didn’t have a large text in scratchpad, probably no more than 200 words, but it contained key points outlining my projected work for the next several days, with notations of items completed. Without it I have been slowed down considerably.

The actual bug here is that Scratchpad is inconsistent in its handling of formatting commands. It does not support formatted text, but in some cases (Ctrl-B, for instance) it ignores the formatting command, while in others (Ctrl->, for instance) it overwrites the selected text.

Undo (Ctrl-Z) behaved properly in my test.


Given that the “undo” command in the main scrivener menu doesn’t affect the scratchpad, perhaps just adding a little “undo” button to the scratchpad window would be helpful for those whose instincts aren’t to go to the keyboard shortcuts.