Lost Scrivener Interactive Tutorial

I deleted the interactive tutorial for Scrivener in order to get a newer version. Then I could not down load a newer version. Using Scrivener 3.1.5 on a Mac running on High Sierra 10.03.6

Have you tried the menu command Help->Interactive Tutorial… ? It should let you create a new copy of the Tutorial.

Hope this helps!

The Tutorial that downloads with the Scrivener application is always the most current one available. Updating Scrivener won’t replace your existing copy – you might have notes or other customizations that you care about in there! But as Silverdragon said, you can get a new one from the Help menu.


Have you tried File->New Project, then pick the tutorial from the window that comes up? Or have you used the Help->Interactive Tutorial menu (an alternate way to create one or to load one you’ve opened previously)?