Lost snapshots

In on the latest release candidate. Version: Beta (984254) 64-bit - 12 Jul 2020. I did complete snapshots of all scenes in my book draft (quite a few). For some reason, the snapshots were lost for a big block of scenes and they didn’t return. Seems like a permanent loss.

Are you using a cloud-sync service to store your project? If so, which one? If not, are you transferring your project between devices in some way, e.g. via USB, email, or transfer service?

Couple of questions:

  1. Are they lost, or did Scrivener just lose track of them? You should find them physically in your project’s directory in a separate folder named “Snapshots.” I put my projects in a directory called WRI, so Snapshots for Project99 are in C:\WRI\Project99.scriv\Snapshots. Losing track would be bad, because I don’t see a way to force reindexing them.

  2. Does your disk drive have some issues? If the filesystem is starting to go bad, that often shows up first by losing files.

  3. Have you kept backups? Does the backup from the day the snapshots were made (if you still have it) show the snapshots? Because your backups backup the snapshots, too.

And a comment:
As Amickie mentions, most cloud sync services are an issue with Scrivener. I highly recommend turning them off before using Scrivener, and turning them back on once you’re done using Scrivener. I’m not sure this was the issue, but it could be.

Definitely don’t use cloud storage. All local. Never had a problem with losing files on my hard drive etc. As to whether the files are lost or just misplaced by scrivener, it’s hard to say. I have about 160 folders so checking them all is a big time commit. What I can tell you is the following:

My book got to draft a long time ago, so all the chapters have been around for a while. At one point, I went end to end, snapshotting every scene. This is really easy to spot because all the chapters have the same date for the timestamp. Most chapters have between 1-5 snapshots, and all had at least one entry with that original date on the timestamp. Then, for some reason, several of the low number chapters lost their snapshots. I found a few folder matching those early chapters and there is no 2019 snapshot entries at all. It’s possible that some other folder was created and they were dumped there. But the only way to know would be to search all 160 folders. Not sure I’m that committed.