Lost some indents, not others in compile/PDF--Thesis is due!

Please help, as I am tearing my hair out. I have tried numerous times, with various fixes, but nothing seems to preserve the indents. I need to submit this thing to my readers, like yesterday. Anyone have a simple fix for a project already completed, rather than settings for a new doc? I really don’t care how many spaces, I just want the whole 191 pages to look the same!

It’s a bit unclear what indents you are referring to. I assume you mean indented first lines for each paragraph. It might be worth switching on “Show invisibles” to see if you have some first lines with tab stops to make the indents, or multiple spaces to achieve the same. If not, then you need to apply the same formatting preset to every paragraph. In my case, I did formatting like that in Nisus Writer Pro, not in Scrivener. I find it better to do final formatting in a word processor.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. If you are really desperate, email tech support.

Cheers, Martin.

Yes, the paragraph indents. I don’t have a word processor, tried to fix it in Google docs but other formatting issues cropped up. Tried to fix it in a pdf editor but that’s a bust too. I thought it could be fixed in the compile preferences? Wanted to know if that was possible and how to do it. Should I email tech support–I am in an emotional mess, needing to get this out of my hands and on to the next two projects for my thesis course.

(and thanks for responding so quickly)


Compile has a lot of options and can get quite confusing. Personally I don’t think it is something that a person should wrestle with if they are in an emotional state, without proper technical support. If I were you I would email tech support and let one of the experts help you through. But be very, very specific about what the problem is – are the first line paragraph indents missing, are they too large? Have you got them in some paragraphs and not others? (You get the picture.)

Best of luck with it,

And for what it is worth, I was still messing around with the formatting in Nisus a couple of hours before the deadline for submission of my thesis, having not slept for over twenty-four hours. Over 80,000 words in my little effort.

It all went well …