Lost some work - How to undo a backup recovery

I’m curious if anyone knows something I can do here. I’m starting to edit the first draft of a WIP. It’s been backed up a million times, but of course I didn’t back up my section 1 edits.

When I opened Scriv today, every single chapter and section were blank, except for ch 1. section 1 (which I just edited). Very weird. I wasn’t super panicked since I had backup from before I’d sent everything to my editor.

I brought in the latest backup I’d done, but of course it wrote over my newer ch 1. sect. 1 edits. So I’m not sure if there’s any way to recover them, since again, they weren’t backed up.

Any thoughts are welcome!

When you backup, are your backups zipped and timestamped ?

If yes, there is a possibility that you actually have both version of your project (the one in such case you’d only think you’ve overwritten, and the unzipped backup) on your hard drive.

Have you tried opening your project from File / Recent projects ?
Does it show up twice in the recent projects list ?

Agree with Vincent, the other thing I would do is snapshots of each scene before edit and then after each edit, Do the snapshots with title as extra insurance as well. I also back up before any major changes to a usb key with the backup to function under file as additional precaution. The backup does not need to be time stamped, but if it isn’t make sure in windows explorer have date modified data option checked when view files in detail mode then clicking on date modified can arrange order from most recent to least recent, if order in the reverse, click again.

Hmm, yes they are zipped and timestamped. Looking straight at them, the last zipped/timestamped one is from 5/9 and I grabbed the most recent one I saw (then overwrote my scene 1 edits). Is there a different way to look at them to see if there is anything more recent?

When I go to File > Recent projects, I only see one iteration of this WIP there. :confused:

That’s a good idea to make screen shots as a precaution! I usually copy and paste and email stuff to myself and of course in this instance I did not :frowning:

And yes I do have the files sorted by date modified with most recent at the top. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Snapshots are great. The other thing you can do in options with backups increase number of backups to 25 when actively editing to have more incremental backups.

Could you please describe in details what is your procedure to “recall” a backup.
The more details the better.

Or at least explain by what fashion the previous version of the project ended up overwritten.
Was it your doing ? As in “manually”?

@LaurenB , note that @GoalieDad wrote “snapshots”, not “screen shots”.

Snapshots are a Scrivener feature for versioning individual documents. For the details, see the Scrivener manual (Help > Scrivener Manual) section 15.8 Using Snapshots.