Lost somewhere on corkboard

Hi folks, New here and to Scrivener

I have set up a folder in Research area of the Binder. In this folder I have added files in which to categorize data.
How do I enter data so it shows in it’s entirety in the corkboard, scrivenings and the outliner.
Would somehow like it to show the data title as well in each area.

Haven’t figured out just how the synopsis enters into all this rigmarole either.

Thanks, I hope not to be a nuisance…


The corkboard shows a list of your selected binder documents/folders, but in a graphical form (that of a corkboard with index cards). The title of each card is the title of the corresponding document or folder. The text on the card is whatever text you have in the synopsis of the document/folder. You can’t, therefore, have a large amount of information on the corkboard – just the amount that will fit on the card itself by way of what you type in the synopsis field. Unless, of course, you have a separate document for each small piece of information you want to catalog, which seems like a tremendous waste of your time.

Scrivenings mode lets you see multiple selected documents in a row. It’s not that different from the standard document editor screen, except that you scroll from one document to the next with a small dashed border line between them on your screen. To see all of your data, you would simply select all of the documents in the Binder that you want to be included in the Scrivening session and they would appear in the Editor, in order how they are in the Binder.

I’m not sure if this is any help.

Thanks for the quick response.
Was hoping one entry would show in all areas.

Sorry to butt in here but I can see my data in each of corkboard, scrivenings and the outliner views and of course, the original text in the editor.
I enter data into the editor below a title. With the synopsis window open I select what I want and click the auto-generate icon at the right and that is what is seen in the corkboard. Or I can enter whatever random text I choose in the synopsis and that is what is seen in the corkboard.
Thus, everything entered in the editor is visible in all the views depending on what is included in the synopsis. With abbreviated or altered text in the synopsis you must click that item in binder or go to scrivenings view to see full text.


But what you see on the corkboard cards isn’t everything in the document, is it? A document isn’t limited in size, while the cards have a finite viewable text area. And I was under the impression the auto-generated synopsis doesn’t pull everything from the document, just a small amount.

Bear in mind I have never seen the manual and am relaying only what my haphazard experiences have shown me.

I do not know how much data the corkboard will hold and show but I have put several typed pages into the synopsis and they show in the corkboard. The same data can be put directly into the corkboard of course.

The synopsis pulls the first line or what will fit on it’s top line from your data entry. I have to select and add what else I wish to be in it or type in directly whatever data I choose.

So, the corkboard may show all, a part of or even some data unrelated to what you have entered into your editor.

Sometimes I enter data into the corkboard and at other times I put what ever I choose in the synopsis.
I find the corkboard reflects what is in the synopsis but not the other way around. You must choose what additional data the synopsis shows.

To prove/disprove any of this create a test folder and experiment with different entries.

Also, have you discovered double clicking on the corkboard allows you to scroll down through the data?

I hope I haven’t merely talked in a circle here.

Good luck


Thanks guys.

And wickiup, I will do some playing and see what works consistantly.

Again, Thanks