Lost Synopses

Some but not all of the synopses have simply disappeared. :exclamation:

Could you provide a few more details? What version of the beta are you running, on what operating system? What do you mean the synopses disappeared–were they there when you closed the project and then missing from all views when you reopened? Did they disappear during a session when switching views? Did Scrivener crash and then they were missing when you reopened?

Thanks for any extra information to help figure out what happened. (Meanwhile, do you have a backup of your project to restore the synopses?)

I am getting this same problem.

Created a new project in beta version 022, using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

I created approximately 30 cards one evening and saved/closed the project when finished. When I returned to the project, 3 of the cards didn’t have synopses anymore. Assuming I hadn’t filled them in, I did so, continued on and saved/closed when finished. Again, once I opened the project again, the same synopses were missing.

I tried updating one card and closing/reopening the project; it was missing when re-opened.

I then created a new card beside one of the ones that was losing the synopsis and copied/pasted the information in there. When I reopened the program, BOTH the original card AND the new card retained the information. As I have now resolved 2 of the 3 problem cards, I thought I would mention this now as I can e-mail a copy of this project to the tech/bug e-mail, in case there is anything in particular that could be causing the problem.

The program doesn’t crash before these disappear, it seems to be perfectly fine up to the point that the project is reopened.

As far as restoring the synopses, it was only three, and fortunately I’ve started entering relevant titles so I can rememeber the important stuff!

EDIT: So I tried to create a copy of the project in order to replicate this problem, but the damn thing seems to have rectified itself on all of the problem cards! Oh boy, that’s beta for you! If sending you the file in any case will help in any way, let me know.

I’m sorry you had the bug too, but relieved to hear it was relatively minor and you were able to rewrite.

First, upgrade to beta 023 (release details here). There was a non-saving bug reported in 022 which 023 should have fixed, although Lee et al are still trying to track it down as a few people have still reported work not getting saved (see this thread). 023 needs to do a full reinstall, which means it will clear your “recent projects” list–the work is still on your computer, you’ll just need to open it via the regular “Open…” command to start repopulating the “recent” list. Before installing 023 you should also do a complete uninstall of 022, as that may have some relation to the non-saving bug (not entirely determined, but it definitely won’t hurt).

Once you’ve got 023, do regular compiles/check to make sure your work is saved, as mentioned in the linked thread, but please do report details if you get the issue of it not saving again and know how it can be reproduced!

Update: found the file - never mind - for some reason I’ve been using the backup as my main file - total freak-out averted.
I think my compile request (below at the end) is still valid though - not all of my writing is in the manuscript - some of it is about characters, etc, and it would be nice to be able to compile that in - in addition to labels and statuses.

Original message:
After I did the install of 023 and a complete uninstall of 022 I lost all of my recent changes, including all of my research, etc, etc. (about 15 thousand words) I had understood that with beta it would be a little glitchy (lose a chapter, have the compile be a little wonky, etc, etc) but this is a pretty extreme error. Luckily I had compiled just prior to this, so I still have all the writing (minus one lost scene - 1500 words that was lost just prior to the compile and was a different bug I think), but all of my research that I didn’t have saved elsewhere is gone now. Everything not in the manuscript. I did have several backups of the file, but they are all showing the same missing data - which makes no sense to me, since I created each of the backup copies at different times - could the program have been saving my file somewhere else? This is the first time that I manually uninstalled the program prior to reinstalling the update. This is a pretty huge glitch, even for beta.

From now on I will be compiling each time I leave the program, and I won’t keep anything in research that I don’t have a copy of elsewhere (in another program) and I won’t keep any text outside of the manuscript. This will not be great for my word counting, but at least when I compile I might be able to save almost everything.

A request. Please add a special compile that actually compiles everything - not just text, synopsis and document notes - I want status, label, modified date, all pages not in the manuscript - including character and location text pages - which I have lost and must now re-create - extremely fustrating, and I also want all my research included in the compile. That way, if all else fails, at least I have the possibility to re-create the document.

Maybe the program isn’t really ready for beta yet - losing everything is a little extreme, even for testing stage.

So glad your project’s safe!

Regarding the compile, you should be able to check the “meta-data” option in the Elements tab of compiles to include created and modified dates, keywords, label, and status. (Ironically of course I think this is a little buggy at the moment, but I promise it’s on the list.) It’s not possible to compile the Research folder as a whole because compile deals only with text documents–so while the Draft specifically prohibits you from including non-text documents in it for this reason, everywhere else in the binder you can keep movies, images, PDFs, etc. and these aren’t compilable. File>Export will allow you to extract these from your project. (Regarding the non-saving bug, though, which is what this thread was initially related to, that was specific to text documents, so none of your other things should have been touched and they’re accessible also directly in the project’s .scriv folder if you had to rescue them for some reason.)

Of course you may have text documents in these places too, and later it will be possible, via collections, to pull these items together from anywhere in the binder and compile them so you won’t have to use the workaround of moving them temporarily into the Draft folder. In the meanwhile, you can also use the Export option to copy these out of the project.