Lost Table data - how to retrieve saved document?

I use tables to keep track of things like words used from another language. I’ve run across a bug where if I insert a row, then try to merge a cell of the newly inserted row, Scrivener crashes. I’ve just reported the bug, since it happens EVERY time I insert a row, then merge a cell. However, I just lost a WHOLE LOT OF DATA! I had saved Scrivener prior to inserting the row, but I don’t know how to retrieve the text document with the saved data! Help please!

Did Scrivener create a backup of the crashed file?

No, not that I could find anyway. I do save my work periodically - how do I retrieve saved work?

Go to Options and see where it says it saves your backups. Navigate to that folder in Windows Explorer and see if there are dated zip backups of the project you need. Those zips can be extracted into replacement project folders. If you don’t have any backup zips in the backup location, I’m not sure what the next step would be.