Lost text in compile?

I’m trying to compile my work in progress to send to my agent, but every time I do, several chapters end up blank in the Word document. The chapter number and title are there, but all the text is gone.

I have all the chapters selected to “include” in compile.

Please help???

Do the documents that aren’t including their text look different in the binder from the others, i.e. indented to a different level or with a different icon? It might be that you don’t have the text element set to compile for that type/level of document, whereas you do for the others. Take a look in the Formatting tab of the compile window to ensure the “Text” column is ticked for the row that matches these documents in the binder (the icon should be the same, and the Level number should be either equivalent to how far it is indented from the Draft/Manuscript–immediate child is level 1, child of that is level 2, etc.–or a lower number with a “+” following).