Lost text - in some, but not all binder items

Man oh man… I’ve done something scary & weird, maybe somebody’s got an answer. Working on book manuscript, five separate folders in binder, had entered data into numerous chapters/subchapters in each of the five folders. Opened the latest draft today, and the data exists in the first folder, and each of the chapters and subchapters in the other folders appear in the binder. But: No data shows in any of the other binder listings in the four remaining folders. Totally gone – none in Scrivenings copy section, and none in inspector notes. The only clue that I might have is that the status of empty binder sections shows as “Second draft”, which is a status I hadn’t invoked. Additionally, although I thought the backup was working properly, I have discovered that the last zipped backup was recorded more than a month ago – I’ve found no backups from the last month, there should have been several. So, my last version was not backed up, and the current iteration is missing great amounts of data in four of five parts in the binder. I’m hoping that I’ve inadvertently changed a parameter to make that data disappear, but don’t even know how/where to look for it. Anybody got a clue? Many thanks in advance.

I just experienced the exact same thing yesterday (Windows 64 bit version) In the meta data it shows last modified date 12/6 even though I’ve worked on it since. I also do a lot of work in split screen mode, I wonder if Scrivener is only saving and backing up one file? I also had the backup set to zip. I have since changed that just in case. Now that I think about it I’d better take snapshots and open the backup to make sure it’s working. Ta

Just found this thread, it may help you recover your data

Figured out how to find lost text using auto-saved files for Windows version.

Binder documents are saved as numbered RTF files in project folder/files/Docs

After determining which RTF file corresponded to the one with the missing text, in Windows File Explorer, I searched This PC for all files with names corresponding to the outdated one in the Scrivener project’s docs folder….