Lost text on corkboard cards

I spent a couple of hours going through my novel and making cards for each chapter with a synopsis of what happens. When I went to save it, about 2/3 of them suddenly were blank except for the titles. Then I tried to open what I saved and now all of them are blank except for the titles.

Where is my text? Is it lost forever? I have the trial version, this is not what I was expecting.

If you try searching for any of the text from your synopses using the project search, does anything come up? We can also try checking a backup–if you’re using 1.0 or later, Scrivener makes automatic backups of your project every time you close, so we may be able to restore from that. Just to clarify, you’re looking at the cards on the corkboard and where you used to have synopses on the cards, they’re all blank (but the titles remain)? I really am not sure what’s going on here–your work should be getting autosaved as you go, even if you haven’t used the Save command manually, and if for some reason Scrivener is unable to save to the location you specified for the project, you should get a warning message about it.

Could you check Help > About Scrivener and let me know exactly which version of Scrivener you’re using (it will be at the bottom of that panel) and also what version of Windows you’re running?

Thanks for the reply. A search brings up only the imported file I added later.

Help->About says it is version 1.0.3. Just saw the note on the download page about removing the beta version - missed it before - I am guessing that is the source of my problems. The last beta I had could have been in July (I see a download from then).

If it is possible that a backup was made, I would appreciate help in finding it.

You can access your backups folder via the “Backup” tab of Tools > Options… and take a look there. These are created by default when you close the project, though, so I may have mistaken your meaning earlier–I thought you’d closed and then reopened the project and found that text was gone on all the cards, but if writing on the cards and then the text giong missing all occurred in one session, without closing in between, this probably won’t help. You can still take a look there–click the button in that Backup panel to open the backup folder in Windows Explorer, then copy out your most recent backups for this project and dump them on your desktop to extract the files (right-click on the .zip on the desktop and choose “Extract All” and you can then open them up to see if they contain any of the missing work.

Just to be thorough, try using the WIndows search tool to look for any phrases from the missing text as well and see if it brings anything up. It’s probably not very likely, but there’s a chance that the .txt files containing your synopses still exist in the project and just aren’t being displayed for some reason, so a Windows search should find them if that’s the case.

I’d go ahead and back up your projects and then uninstall your current version of Scrivener, deleting the Scrivener directory as well if the uninstall doesn’t get rid of it (it may not, since this is an earlier beta that you had–just make sure first that your project files aren’t stored in there for some reason) and then installing the full 1.0.3 download again from here. That should at least get rid of any lingering gremlins from the beta version that could be causing problems.

I checked through the backups, but no luck. I did not close the application between doing the work and trying to save it. Windows search didn’t find anything.

I have uninstalled, deleted the directory, and reinstalled. I guess I’ll just be glad I didn’t get farther before I decided to save it.

Thank you for your help. Silly of me to not think of uninstalling the beta, I’ve worked with that kind of thing before.

All the same, I’m very sorry you lost some work! Since the backups are just set to be made on closing the project, it makes sense nothing was in there. Using the File > Back Up > Back Up Now command is a way to force the auto-back up to run during a session, if you want–it’s different from the Back Up To… which lets you choose a location and file name and such for the backup; Back Up Now just runs the auto routine, creating a backup in the set backup folder as part of the backup rotation (that is, if you’ve got the settings to only keep the five most recent backups, a backup made via Back Up Now will be counted in that, whereas your “manual” backup from Back Up To… is entirely separate). I’m not sure it would’ve salvaged anything in this case, since it seems like the text just didn’t properly save in the first place, but anyway it’s useful to know for the future.

In the last few months I suspected sometimes, scrivener was eating my synopses here and there. I was not sure of it, because maybe I had deleted the text myself (or maybe only imagined to have it written at all :confused: ). But today I had confirmed my suspicions. I created a new project some hours ago and imported a word document (or maybe I copied the text and pasted it in a scrivener document, don’t remember). Then I used “split at selection with title”. After that I selected the text within the document and pulled it to the synopses cards in the inspector. After that I deleted the text in the editor. In the end I had a structure of my work, with no text at all and in some synopsis cards I had text.
I think I let the project open for about two hours during lunch time (backups are turned on and I cannot find any in the backup folder, so I assume I didn’t close/reopen the project). So I sat down to continue my work, but the synopsis text is gone. Please don’t bother! They were only few sentences, which I still have in my imported word document, not a masterpiece at all :wink: .

I couldn’t find the text by running a scrivener search as you suggested above MM. It is simply gone. Now I think maybe in my big project, I was right about eaten synopsis cards… I doublechecked the synopsis cards in that project now, and the ones I created last week are all there and fine. I let you know, if something similar happens again.

I don’t know if this is important, but my last update came from the latest beta version to 1.0.3 (was that I think so).


Just to be sure I’m clear on this…if you had any pre-1.0 betas, you completely uninstalled them and deleted the Scrivener directory if it still existed, then installed 1.0 (or some later version). You then used the beta and used Check for Updates to update to 1.0.3, or did you download the full 1.0.3 installer? And if the latter, did you uninstall the beta first or not? It really shouldn’t make a difference, but obviously something not-so-good is happening so I just want to be clear on the specifics of this.

And also I am very sorry for your lost synopses, masterpieces or not!

I usually followed the steps suggested for each new version. So whenever it was suggested to uninstall a version before install the next I did that, if it wasn’t suggested I didn’t. In my download folder I find:
08 Nov
23 Nov 1.0.3 (I think, this must have been the 1.0.3 beta before Lee changed the versioning scheme…)
24 Nov
For the last update to 1.0.3 I used the update function (that was my point in downloading in the first place - just one day after installing 1.0.3 beta :unamused: -, because I wanted to be able to seemlessly update from beta to official version. Back then I imagined via the Check for updates function of the scrivener would always update to the latest release regardless if it was beta or official version, but I think I was mistaken in this, wasn’t I? It only works from beta to official version and when the next beta is released I will have to uninstall the official version and install the beta? Not that it really matters :wink: .

I remember there was a thread about a bug in the synopses, that the text did not stick to the synopses when dragged into them from the editor or the document notes. And that is exactly what I suspected had happened to my big project only that there are so many documents I simply lost track on which synopses I had already filled and which not :wink: . But in this new project it was obvious. I filled three synopses cards with text and some hours later all cards were blank. No space left to be mistaken :mrgreen: .

edit: this was the thread

I now know how to reproduce the loss of synopsis text. When describing another synopsis related issue to amber, I suddenly understood the problem. The subject is the following:

[url]synopsis bug - #3 by wika]

The steps are these:

When I imported my big project into scrivener several months ago, I split the text into documents and then dragged the contents into the document notes or the synopsis, depending on whether it were already text fragments or only ideas related to the scene. I wanted to have a plain editor in order to get a realistic word count. Since I had to do this many times for all the new documents I probably missed that the synopsis text vanished as soon as I deleted the text from the editor! That was what made me think scrivener was eating my synopsis cards (well, actually it did :wink: ). And that is exactly how I reproduced this issue in my new project. I imported the structure for my project, split it up, then dragged the ideas into the synopsis cards and DELETED THE TEXT FROM THE EDITOR.

I made some investigations. Even if in step 3. I simply change the text in the editor, the synopsis text vanishes. To make the text stick to the synopsis card you need to click into the synopsis field once. After that, deleting from or changing in the editor seems to be save…

Ah and not to forget: the same thing happens if you drag text from the document notes into the synopsis! It does only for the synopsis connected to the editor, if dragging from the other editor, the text dragged onto the synopsis card is safe.