Lost text on corkboard cards

I now know how to reproduce the loss of synopsis text. When describing another synopsis related issue to amber, I suddenly understood the problem. The subject is the following:

[url]synopsis bug - #3 by wika]

The steps are these:

When I imported my big project into scrivener several months ago, I split the text into documents and then dragged the contents into the document notes or the synopsis, depending on whether it were already text fragments or only ideas related to the scene. I wanted to have a plain editor in order to get a realistic word count. Since I had to do this many times for all the new documents I probably missed that the synopsis text vanished as soon as I deleted the text from the editor! That was what made me think scrivener was eating my synopsis cards (well, actually it did :wink: ). And that is exactly how I reproduced this issue in my new project. I imported the structure for my project, split it up, then dragged the ideas into the synopsis cards and DELETED THE TEXT FROM THE EDITOR.

I made some investigations. Even if in step 3. I simply change the text in the editor, the synopsis text vanishes. To make the text stick to the synopsis card you need to click into the synopsis field once. After that, deleting from or changing in the editor seems to be save…

Ah and not to forget: the same thing happens if you drag text from the document notes into the synopsis! It does only for the synopsis connected to the editor, if dragging from the other editor, the text dragged onto the synopsis card is safe.