lost text on corkboard cards

The update appears to increase the space between lines on the corkboard, so that I now get fewer visible lines of text per card.

I have selected the font SimSun-PUA [10] for the ‘Index Text Small’ option. In the last program version, the lines of text were much closer together.

It’s been so long since I’ve looked at 1.0.3, it’s hard to say, but it looks pretty compact on my cards. I do not have the font you refer to on my computer, so it’s hard to test, could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

I’d have to reinstall 1.03 to compare. Can I install it alongside 1.2.1 or would I have to roll it all back?

No, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. I was mainly hoping that whatever you are seeing right now is far enough from the norm that I could attempt to discern the problem just by comparing it with what I see on my machine. On my machine, if the lines were any closer together the legibility of them would start to suffer. If anything they are already too close together, but really I’d consider them to be fine. Here is what I see:

You can just about see what’s happened by comparing these shots. 1 uses MS Sans Serif, 2 uses SimSun-PUA [10] (my ‘small fonts’ setting. Both are from 1.21.
1.jpg 2.jpg
Note that on the first shot the title line is narrower than on the second shot. It used to be on 1.03 that lines on the body of the card were closer together too, and so another line of text would fit on the card - indeed that is the point of using this obscure font! But on 1.21 the lines are more widely spaced.

Have you considered increasing the size of your cards a bit? Even just a small amount would make up for any minor differences. The controls for setting card appearance are in the footer bar below the corkboard, on the right-hand side. There is a button that looks like four index cards.

Obviously there is a downside to that. A small increase in the card size means that I lose a card on each row.

Perhaps now is the time to point out again how much more space you could gain with some tweaks to the corkboard design.

  • The cards could be much closer together. Not adjacent, but only a couple of pixels apart.
  • The border showing the card with the focus need not be so thick.
  • line spacing on the card could be less generous. In the screenshot above, there’s actually room for another line on each card.
  • the icon on the top left corner of each card could move to the left, allowing more space for the title.

These are all small changes, but cumulatively would make a huge improvement in how much text is visible. I work a lot with cards, and it is disappointing that this update has made the situation a little worse. Is it something you are likely to fix?

Or even better, is there a chance of a corkboard upgrade on the next release? There are a couple of other corkboard tweaks that would improve life - I’d happy to bring them all together if this would help.

If it was just a touch tighter you could see four lines. I believe some improvements to font handling were implemented in this release. It could be that the font’s requested line-height metrics are now being more closely adhered to than they were, making that particular font less suitable for this purpose. Using Lucida Sans Unicode 11pt I could get 4 lines with roughly the same cards as in your shot—actually a little smaller now that I put them side by side. If the font doesn’t fit in the card, try another one.

Many thanks for taking the trouble to look at this and make the suggestion. I’ll have a look at it. :slight_smile:

Is there any chance of taking a look at card spacing?

That in particular is on the list—probably not all they way down to 2px—but around 10px or so for the minimum that the slider will go. We do agree that it is a little wide right now.