lost text while editing synopsis title in inspector

Here’s a little bug that I’ve been trying to reproduce for months. I finally worked out what is happening.

I’m editing a synopsis pane in the Inspector, where there is text in both the title and synopsis itself.

  • I make a change to the synopsis text.
  • I move the cursor to the title field and start to edit.
  • after a second or so, the title edit disappears, the text reverts to what it was, and the cursor moves to the end of the title line. Usually this happens while I am typing, so I end up with half my new text appended to the end of the original title text.

It seems to me that this happens because, after moving the cursor out of the synopsis area, there is a small delay and then the software updates both the synopsis text and the title text. So anything I write in the title in this short interval gets lost.

So is it possible to look at not affecting the title field when the synopsis field is updated?

Yes, I just tested and it looks like this has been fixed for the next update as part of fixes for another bug with the auto-titling overwriting the custom document title in some cases. In the meanwhile, clicking somewhere else, e.g. into the main text, before you click into the title should prevent it from updating that way.