Lost texts

I had two scrivener projects, 1. “Løgnersken.scriv” and 2. “Den talentfulle.scriv”. The first one was a more recent version of the second. I searched for something in 2, had both 1 and 2 open, and then number 1 disappeared, only number 2 was left. How can I get back my work?

Scrivener doesn’t have the ability to delete a project, never mind its Search function. However, I can think of at least one way to rename a project from 1 to 2, where 1 would “disappear” through the renaming, but that’s achieved through a specific project opening process. So, assuming you’d opened 1 and 2 sometime after saving 1 as 2, use File Explorer to search for 1, which you probably inadvertently closed.
There’s another way a USER might delete another project “from within Scrivener”, but it’s not Scrivener that does it, it’s the user accessing the operating system functionality available to all apps: Working in File 2, you’d select File > Save As, click on File 1 > press the Delete key > Cancel the File Save As. I emphasise it has nothing to do with Scrivener. You might be working in Word or PowerPoint and could achieve the save with those apps working files.
Also, check your Recycle Bin.

If you meant to indicate both versions of the project are available in a project under the title of 2, then look in Scrivener’s Trash. Users do delete things by accident sometimes, but purging that delete, as with the Recycle Bin of the operating system would be a conscious decision.

And then you’d need to look into your Scrivener backup regime (ordered way of doing things).