Lost the Search Function.

I’ve lost the Search function. When I try using the Search icon, nothing happens, and when I use Quick Search it shows some results in the app window, but does not show the full function.

I am wondering about reinstalling the app, also whether this might be due to an Apple update?

Any advice is appreciated!

Does the menu command work? (Edit → Find → Search in Project)

What version of Scrivener do you have, and with which version of Mac OS?


Thanks for your response.

Do you see the same issue with all projects, or just this one?


Good Question. It gets curiouser!

When I use the upper left search function, nothing, and when I try edit/find/quick search/ nothing,

But when I type in the central window (centre on the upper item bar) it generates a quick search in that window with the option of doing a full search which appears in the left margin…

This seems to be true on two recent projects…

What do you mean by “nothing?” Zero results? Can’t type in the search bar?

Also, when the Quick Search gives you an option for the full search, does the full search then work correctly?

The first line of defense for strange behavior is to reset Scrivener’s Preferences, as explained here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … references

Does that help?