Lost Two Weeks of Work / Scriv shows older version

Today is a sad day. I opened my Scrivener and was beyond shock to notice that it shows me a corrupted version of my book from 2 weeks ago. I say corrupted because some chapters are missing.

I save my Scrivener project in an encrypted .sparsebundle which I keep in my dropbox folder.
I’ve done this with book projects for about a year and never had any problems. I usually don’t eject the sparsebundle so it can be saved normally as it would in any other folder.

But today the Scrivener project shows me a version from Nov-27th that is missing some parts. I have no idea what has happened. I had worked on my book since Nov-27th and opened and closed the file many times without problems.

I’ve used compose mode a few times for the first time last week but never for long and always escaped it before closing my computer or Scrivener.

I seriously doubt there is a way to recover it but I’m willing to try anything.
If you have any idea, please let me know.

The worst part about this loss is that I’ve written some amazing work in the last 2 weeks and I don’t believe I’ll be able to redo it. Can’t force inspiration.

Have you checked your backup folder to see if the latest copy was saved there? You can get there most easily by opening Preferences, clicking on the “Backup” tab, and then the button to open the backup folder. It’s best to drag all of the relevant backup files out to a temporary location, holding down the Option key so that copies are made, and then opening up each one in descending order of date.

!!!OH MY GOD!!!


I love you AmberV. I didn’t know about this folder. There is a backup from December 7th, the last day I worked on my project. OMG.

I’m pretty sure it’s complete, I’m shaking and haven’t had the chance to fully go through it.
But I think this is a proper version!

What do I do now? Just copy the unzipped file from backupDec.7 from the backup folder and paste it into my .sparsebundle and 100 backup disks?

I can’t think straight.

Whew! Glad you found a good copy. :slight_smile: Yes, the backups are complete projects, so you can always use them to replace a damaged project entirely. Just trash the old one and drag in the restored copy. In some cases you may want to merge them, if you’ve done a little work in the incomplete one that isn’t in the backup. When that happens, it’s best to just open them both at once and drag from binder to binder, building a complete copy in whichever one you choose to keep as primary from that point forward.