Lost use of Scrivener - weird message

Hello, I have been using Scrivener as recently as a week ago with no problems. Then yesterday I opened my computer and it was gone from my task menu. Trying to open it, I got this message:

[b]Cannot access: (file name) Scrivener Project Synced on Dropbox.

File is not writable. Access is denied.
Auto-saves need write permission to your project.
I am not computer savvy and don’t know where to begin. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Even if you are backing up to Dropbox, one sincerely hopes you also have a local copy on your computer. Do a search for the file name, and if you find it, then you can sort out the Dropbox problem.

Hi MajorMajor,

Even accessing it from the hard drive I get the same message. :frowning:

This usually occurs when you try to open a project that is .zip compressed. Try navigating to the .zip file using the Windows file browser, right-clicking on that .zip file, and choose the option to extract all contents. Then open the extracted version of the project.

Thank you very much, RDALE I will try that. Rather, I will ask my son to help me by trying that. :smiley: