Lost version with updated chapter

I rewrote my climax chapter yesterday on my laptop, saved in Dropbox. My main computer wasn’t accessing Dropbox. When I finally got it all working today, Scrivener showed conflicting versions, and apparently I opened the older one. Is there any hope that the other one is still somewhere around, backed up on my laptop? Both computers now show the older one.

Best you take a look at your Scrivener backup folders on both desktop and laptop. We can’t look for you from here. If you still have the default backup settings, you’ll find more than one backup version there. I have mine to save up to 25 most recent zip file backups.

I tried to do that, but couldn’t find them. How would I recognize them?

OK, I found the backup file, but Scrivener doesn’t want to open it. :frowning:

Yippee! I got it. I had to extract the backup before opening it. All is well - thanks for your help.


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