Lost word count on folders after reinstall

Installed Scrivener on a new Mac, moved my Project files over, opened a Project, the word count is gone at the folder level. Sub docs still have word counts. Also lost: the folder used to display all the sub docs in one continuous document when clicking at the folder level.

Never mind! I was clicking through a couple of different views (cork board and outline and back) and the word counts reappeared automagically. All good now! :slight_smile:

Note that it’s not unusual for both Scrivener upgrades/reinstalls and operating system upgrades to affect your preferences settings.

The view that displays all subdocuments continuously is Scrivenings mode. The View -> Scrivenings command will re-enable it whenever you need it. When you enable Scrivenings mode, it can take some time for Scrivener to calculate the word count for that view.