Lost words?[NOTED]

Some people in the tech support forum reported losing words. I didn’t see threads on it in the past few pages in here, but I thought I’d throw it out, just in case there have been issues. (I, personally, haven’t had an issue with losing text since the RTF disappearing text bug was fixed.)


Also here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/missing-words-on-re-open/10517/1

It happened to me once. I’d written a paragraph on a new page, and it was perhaps the last thing I did in Scrivener that day. The next day when I launched Scrivener, the page I’d created was there but none of the text.

I can only hope it hasn’t happened previously because I’m transferring hand written notes and such, which I then discard. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Since the last incident, I now check that the last thing I wrote is there every time I open Scrivener. But I don’t like to have this worry.

Your data will be safe unless you physically delete it yourself in Windows. Even the Scrivener install and uninstall will not delete ANY project folders or data that you have created yourself. Scrivener is on a strict diet and only eats what it’s told it can - user data is not on the menu. This has always been the case since Beta 1.0.

I personally always create Scrivener projects in either My Documents folder in Windows or in a folder in a web based dropbox if I’m sharing files. If a user creates projects within the Scrivener install directory then even after an uninstall all user created data will be left untouched. Now if a user deletes the Scrivener install folder or project folders outside of Scrivener, that is a different matter and not a Scrivener issue. However, if you have not done this, then you project data is there where you left it. if you can’t find it, try searching for *.scriv or *.scrivx in a Windows search.

My two cents worth. I’m not just saying this defensively, but I have never lost a single letter whilst using any of the betas, sure I’ve had formatting annoyingly screwed, and lines vanishing and re-appearing, but I’ve never lost anything. In fact, my life line to this project is the Scrivener beta bug tracker database, which is not actually a database but a Scrivener project, where we track and report status’ of all know bugs. This project has had everything pretty much thrown into it, and been opened and edited by the Mac, Linux, XP, Vista and Win7 versions, and I has never missed a beat in terms of the retaining data. So, unless someone can show me exactly how I can reliable reproduce data loss, I remain calmly skeptical. As I said previously, this is not a defensive dig at anyone - just my experience.


Thanks Lee! Your confidence gives me confidence.