Lost work after update


I have some old scrivener files from version 1 or 2 that I haven’t worked on in a few years. I went to open it today, and it says “this project must be updated before it can be opened”. When I click to update it, it opens, but it is now completely empty. It had about 20k words before… I’ve found the backups, but each time I click on one, it updates, and then opens to nothing!
Any ideas about how to access the information in the file before it updates?

Update Scrivener to the latest version. It sounds as if you are using Big Sur with a less than latest version of Scrivener.

I have version 3.2.2. I can’t find a more recent version, or anywhere to update. Am I missing something?

3.2.2 is the latest version.

Is the project truly empty, or have you simply opened to a view that contains no text?

If the project is truly empty, please open a support ticket so that we can help you recover your work.


Hi Katherine,
the section headers are all there, with the icons I use to mark my progress, but there is no text anywhere, and it says ‘0 words’.

Please open a support ticket. This may require having us poke through the project, so we can’t really handle it through the forum.