Lost work, most recent back up missing. Please Help

Hi there,

I’m having this weird issue and I’ve lost work and I’d like to know if I can get it back, or at least try to figure out what happened. Thank you in advance for any insight or help you may provide.

I have a project that I wrote a bunch of research in and did an outline (most of one) for a book that I was going to work on later this year. The last time I opened the file might have been at the end of September or beginning of October of 2011, so it’s been a while. I went to open the .scriv file last night to get a refresher in my outline and what needs to be done on the project, but noticed it was missing the outline I had done. Panicked, I went through to the last back up files and noticed all five of them were the same and none of their dates were past September 28th, even though I found proof (through chat logs with a friend) that I had been working on the outline on the 29th and 30th of september. I thought it was strange that the latest saved back up was before either of those dates.

Where did the most current back up go? I didn’t change any back up settings since I have others from other projects between that time and now. And I know I saved because I always do and because I have auto save going. Is there any way to get my outline back or find the missing version? It would be so horrible to have to write the outline from scratch. Can anyone at least speculate as to what happened? I’d be horrified if this ever happened again, especially to a different project, so I’d like to avoid it.

Thank you so much!


Where are your project files and your back-ups kept? On your computer, or elsewhere? And have you changed anything fundamental on your computer or where the files or back-ups are kept since early October?


Do you use Time Machine? If so, I would check there and see if there are any backups from that time period that you can pull forward.