Love it!

Just wanted to say how much I love Scrivener.

I’ve only been using the 026 beta for about a week now, but Scrivener has now become one of the most used software programs on my PC.

I really hope that the on-going development work will continue at full speed on the Windows version, especially to ensure that the functionality catches up with the Mac version, although obviously it’s never going to be an exact replica.

As soon as the official Windows version is released, then I’ll be buying it.

Thanks again for an excellent program.

Thank you for the kind words! Lee has certainly been putting in work at full speed and will continue to be regularly updating Scrivener after the initial release with the goal of bringing the Windows version on par with the Mac version (to the extent reasonable, given the different platforms). And once it catches up, then he’ll be able to start looking into options offered by the Windows platform, with plug-ins and so on…he’s got plans. :wink: Hopefully he also can get a chance to catch his breath in there…

Thanks again for your support!

I just want to second what Cobalt said. I pretty much never create accounts to give feedback on programs, but this is a special case. I absolutely love this program. It’s making a huge difference in my ability to organize my projects and set achievable goals. Thank you to the whole Scrivener team for all your hard work, for offering this excellent program at such a reasonable price, and for making it available to test.

I would also love to emphatically add my heartfelt grattitude for taking on bringing Scrivener to Windows. I love this program, and it’s helped me get more done that I’ve ever thought I was capable of before. Thank you for your tireless efforts. I’m sure we all can’t wait to see what comes out next.